Landscape of mirrors…

Standing in front of my glass of diamonds.
My emotions multiply a thousand times.
A ray of light reflects a prism on my body like a second skin.
This energy guides me through the unknown darkness.
Reveals the purity of endless thoughts.
Sharp silver edges are cutting through the past.
Giving me a glimpse of my future companion.
A jewel is my guardian in this labyrinth of chaos.
Sparkling fires light my habitat.
I can see my beloved window of truth.
Tempted by the depths of this fragile frame.
My transparent soul takes shape.
I reach out and I can almost touch it.

Landscape of mirrors…
Photography: Brenda de Vries
Make-up: Dainora Dulcyte
Hair: Bobby Renooij en Laura van Zeeuwen
Styling: Michael van der Meide
Models:, Mirte Maas@WOMEN

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